head head noun ›› PART OF BODY 身体部位 1. the part of the body on top of the neck containing the eyes, nose, mouth and brain • 头;头部:
»She nodded her head in agreement.
»He shook his head in disbelief.
»The boys hung their heads in shame.
»The driver suffered head injuries.
»She always has her head in a book (= is always reading).
»He still has a good head of hair (= a lot of hair).
--› see also deathˈs head ›› MIND 头脑 2. the mind or brain • 头脑;脑筋:
»I sometimes wonder what goes on in that head of yours.
»I wish youˈd use your head (= think carefully before doing or saying sth).
»The thought never entered my head.
»I canˈt work it out in my head —I need a calculator.
»I canˈt get that tune out of my head.
»When will you get it into your head (= understand) that I donˈt want to discuss this any more!
»For some reason, sheˈs got it into her head (= believes) that the others donˈt like her.
»Whoˈs been putting such weird ideas into your head (= making you believe that) ?
»Try to put the exams out of your head (= stop thinking about them) for tonight.
--› see also hothead ›› MEASUREMENT 量度 3. a head [sing.] the size of a personˈs or animalˈs head, used as a measurement of distance or height • (人或动物的)一头长,一头高:
»Sheˈs a good head taller than her sister.
»The favourite won by a short head (= a distance slightly less than the length of a horseˈs head).
›› PAIN 疼痛 4. [C, usually sing.] (informal) a continuous pain in your head • (持续的)头痛 【SYN】 headache :
»I woke up with a really bad head this morning.
›› OF GROUP / ORGANIZATION 团体;组织 5. [C, U] the person in charge of a group of people or an organization • 负责人;领导人:
»the heads of government / state
»She resigned as head of department.
»the crowned heads (= the kings and queens) of Europe
»the head gardener / waiter, etc.
»(BrE) the head boy / girl (= a student who is chosen to represent the school)
›› OF SCHOOL / COLLEGE 学校;学院 6. (often Head) (BrE) the person in charge of a school or college • 校长;院长 【SYN】 headmaster , headmistress , head teacher :
»Iˈve been called in to see the Head.
»the deputy head
›› SIDE OF COIN 硬币的面 7. heads the side of a coin that has a picture of the head of a person on it, used as one choice when a coin is [u]tossed to decide sth • 硬币正面(有人头像) --› compare tail n. (7) ›› END OF OBJECT 物体一端 8. [C, usually sing.] head (of sth) the end of a long narrow object that is larger or wider than the rest of it • 较宽大的一端;头:
»the head of a nail
--› see also bedhead ›› TOP 顶 9. [sing.] head of sth the top or highest part of sth • 顶端;上端:
»at the head of the page
»They finished the season at the head of their league.
›› OF RIVER 河 10. [sing.] the head of the river the place where a river begins • (河流)源头 【SYN】 source ›› OF TABLE 桌子 11. [sing.] the head of the table the most important seat at a table • 上座(桌子旁最重要的座位):
»The President sat at the head of the table.
›› OF LINE OF PEOPLE 人的行列 12. [sing.] the head of sth the position at the front of a line of people • 领头位置;排头:
»The prince rode at the head of his regiment.
›› OF PLANT 植物 13. head (of sth) the mass of leaves or flowers at the end of a stem • (茎梗顶端的)叶球,头状花序:
»Remove the dead heads to encourage new growth.
›› ON BEER 啤酒 14. [sing.] the mass of small bubbles on the top of a glass of beer • 啤酒泡沫;酒头 ›› OF SPOT 斑 15. the part of a spot on your skin that contains a thick yellowish liquid (= pus ) • 脓头 --› see also blackhead ›› IN TAPE / VIDEO RECORDER 录音/录像机 16. the part of a tape recorder or video recorder that touches the tape and changes the electrical signals into sounds and / or pictures • 磁头 ›› NUMBER OF ANIMALS 动物数量 17. head of sth [pl.] used to say how many animals of a particular type are on a farm, in a herd , etc. • (表示农场或牧群等的牲畜的数目)头:
»200 head of sheep
* 200 头绵羊
›› OF STEAM 蒸汽 18. a head of steam [sing.] the pressure produced by steam in a confined space • 蒸汽压力 ›› SEX 性 19. (taboo, slang) [u]oral sex (= using the mouth to give sb sexual pleasure) • 口交:
»to give head
›› LINGUISTICS 语言学 20. the central part of a phrase, which has the same grammatical function as the whole phrase. In the phrase ˈthe tall man in a suitˈ, man is the head. • (短语的)中心成分,中心词,主导词 【IDIOMS】 a / per ˈhead • for each person • 每人:
»The meal worked out at $20 a head.
这餐饭合计每人 20 元。
bang / knock your / their ˈheads together •(informal) to force people to stop arguing and behave in a sensible way • 强行制止人们争吵并使之恢复理智 be banging, etc. your head against a brick ˈwall •(informal) to keep trying to do sth that will never be successful • 用头撞墙;徒劳无益;枉费心机:
»Trying to reason with them was like banging my head against a brick wall.
be / stand head and ˈshoulders above sb / sth • to be much better than other people or things • 比其他人(或事物)好得多;出类拔萃;鹤立鸡群 bite / snap sbˈs ˈhead off •(informal) to shout at sb in an angry way, especially without reason • 气愤地对某人大喊大叫;(尤指毫无道理地)呵斥某人 bring sth to a ˈhead | come to a ˈhead • if you bring a situation to a head or if a situation comes to a head, you are forced to deal with it quickly because it suddenly becomes very bad • (使)事情达到紧要关头,需要当机立断 bury / hide your head in the ˈsand • to refuse to admit that a problem exists or refuse to deal with it • 采取鸵鸟政策;不正视现实;回避问题 canˈt make head nor ˈtail of sth • to be unable to understand sth • 不理解某事;不明白某事:
»I couldnˈt make head nor tail of what he was saying.
do sbˈs ˈhead in (BrE, informal) • to make you feel confused, upset and / or annoyed • 使某人困惑(或烦恼、生气):
»Shut up! Youˈre doing my head in.
do sth standing on your ˈhead •(informal) to be able to do sth very easily and without having to think too much • 做某事不费吹灰之力 from ˌhead to ˈfoot / ˈtoe • covering your whole body • 从头到脚;遍布全身:
»We were covered from head to foot in mud.
get your ˈhead down (informal) 1. (BrE) to sleep • 睡觉:
»I managed to get my head down for an hour.
2. = keep / get your head down at head n. get your ˈhead round sth (BrE, informal) • to be able to understand or accept sth • 能够理解;接受得了:
»Sheˈs dead. I canˈt get my head round it yet.
give sb their ˈhead • to allow sb to do what they want without trying to stop them • 让某人随心所欲 go head to ˈhead (with sb) • to deal with sb in a very direct and determined way • (与某人)面对面直接谈判 go to your ˈhead 1. (of alcohol 酒精) to make you feel drunk • 上头;使醉:
»That glass of wine has gone straight to my head.
2. (of success, praise, etc. 成功、赞扬等) to make you feel too proud of yourself in a way that other people find annoying • 使人过于骄傲;冲昏头脑 have a good ˈhead on your shoulders • to be a sensible person • 头脑清醒;理智 have a head for sth 1. to be good at sth • 擅长某事:
»to have a head for figures / business
2. if sb does not have a head for heights, they feel nervous and think they are going to fall when they look down from a high place • 不惧(高);无恐(高)症 have your head in the ˈclouds 1. to be thinking about sth that is not connected with what you are doing • 心不在焉;走神 2. to have ideas, plans, etc. that are not realistic • 有不切实际的想法(或计划等);想入非非 have your ˈhead screwed on (the right way) •(informal) to be a sensible person • 头脑清醒;理智 ˌhead ˈfirst 1. moving forwards or downwards with your head in front of the rest of your body • 头在前;头朝下:
»He fell head first down the stairs.
2. without thinking carefully about sth before acting • 未经深思;轻率;鲁莽:
»She got divorced and rushed head first into another marriage.
head over heels in ˈlove • loving sb very much • 深深爱着某人;迷恋:
»Heˈs fallen head over heels in love with his boss.
heads or ˈtails? • used to ask sb which side of a coin they think will be facing upwards when it is tossed in order to decide sth by chance • (掷硬币做决定时说)正面还是反面 ˈheads will roll (for sth) • (informal, usually humorous) used to say that some people will be punished because of sth that has happened • 有些人将(为某事)受到惩罚 hold your ˈhead high | hold up your ˈhead • to be proud of or not feel ashamed about sth that you have done • 昂首挺胸;抬起头来:
»She managed to hold her head high and ignore what people were saying.
in over your ˈhead • involved in sth that is too difficult for you to deal with • 卷入棘手的事:
»After a week in the new job, I soon realized that I was in over my head.
keep / get your ˈhead down • to avoid attracting attention to yourself • 避免引起注意;保持低姿态 keep your ˈhead | keep a clear / cool ˈhead • to remain calm in a difficult situation • (在困境中)保持冷静 keep your ˈhead above water • to deal with a difficult situation, especially one in which you have financial problems, and just manage to survive • 勉强逃脱困境;设法不举债;挣扎求存 laugh, scream, etc. your ˈhead off •(informal) to laugh, etc. a lot and very loudly • 大笑(或大叫等) lose your ˈhead • to become unable to act in a calm or sensible way • 慌乱;昏了头;失去理智 on your (own) head ˈbe it • used to tell sb that they will have to accept any unpleasant results of sth that they decide to do • 你(自己)必须承担任何后果:
»Tell him the truth if you want to, but on your own head be it!
out of / off your ˈhead (BrE, informal) 1. crazy • 发疯 2. not knowing what you are saying or doing because of the effects of alcohol or drugs • (酒后或使用药物后)胡言乱语,行为乖张,神志不清 over sbˈs ˈhead 1. too difficult or complicated for sb to understand • 超过某人理解力;过于复杂:
»A lot of the jokes went (= were) right over my head.
2. to a higher position of authority than sb • 职位比某人高;超过某人:
»I couldnˈt help feeling jealous when she was promoted over my head.
put our / your / their ˈheads together • to think about or discuss sth as a group • 集体思考(或讨论);集思广益 stand / turn sth on its ˈhead • to make people think about sth in a completely different way • 使人完全改变思路;使人从反面思考 take it into your head to do sth • to suddenly decide to do sth, especially sth that other people think is stupid • 忽发奇想;心血来潮 take it into your head that... • to suddenly start thinking sth, especially sth that other people think is stupid • 忽发奇想;突然开始想某事 turn sbˈs ˈhead (of success, praise, etc. 成功、赞扬等) • to make a person feel too proud in a way that other people find annoying • 使某人得意忘形 two heads are better than ˈone • (saying) used to say that two people can achieve more than one person working alone • 两人智慧胜一人 --› more at bear n., block n., bother v., drum v., eye n., gun n., hair , heart , hit v., idea , knock v., laugh v., need v., old , price n., rear v., ring ² v.
--› more at roof n., scratch v., thick adj., top n. verb ›› MOVE TOWARDS 移向 1. [V] (also be headed especially in NAmE) • [+adv. / prep.] to move in a particular direction • 朝(某方向)行进:
»Where are we heading?
»Where are you two headed?
»Letˈs head back home.
»She headed for the door.
»(figurative) Can you forecast where the economy is heading?
›› GROUP / ORGANIZATION 团体;机构 2. [VN] (also ˌhead sth∽ˈup) to lead or be in charge of sth • 领导;主管:
»She has been appointed to head the research team.
›› LIST / LINE OF PEOPLE 名单;队列 3. [VN] to be at the top of a list of names or at the front of a line of people • 位于排行之首;排在前头:
»Italy heads the table after two games.
»to head a march / procession
›› BE AT TOP 在顶端 4. [VN] [usually passive] to put a word or words at the top of a page or section of a book as a title • 在(页或篇章的)顶端加标题:
»The chapter was headed ˈMy Early Lifeˈ.
›› FOOTBALL 足球 5. [VN] to hit a football with your head • 用头顶(球):
»Walsh headed the ball into an empty goal.
【PHR V】 be ˈheading for sth (also be ˈheaded for sth especially in NAmE) • to be likely to experience sth bad • 很可能遭受(不幸);会招致:
»They look as though theyˈre heading for divorce.
ˌhead sb∽ˈoff • to get in front of sb in order to make them turn back or change direction • 拦挡某人;使改变方向 【SYN】 intercept :
»Weˈll head them off at the bridge!
ˌhead sth∽ˈoff • to take action in order to prevent sth from happening • 阻止,防止(某事发生):
»He headed off efforts to replace him as leader.
ˌhead sth∽ˈup • to lead or be in charge of a department, part of an organization, etc. • 领导,主管(某部门或机构分支等) --› see also head v. (2)
* * *
n. 頭, 頭腦, 領袖, (隊伍, 名單等)最前的部份, 人, 頂點
vt. 作為...的首領, 朝向, 前進, 用頭頂
vi. 成頭狀物, 出發
adj. 頭的, 主要的

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